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Vocations to the Priesthood

Since its inception, the Church has always had leaders who minister to the community gathered every Sunday. These leaders would preach the Good News, preside at the altar, and serve the community at large. As the Church continued to grow, it became more organized and needed a structure to better assist in its mission. This development gives us the three-fold ministry that we have today: Deaconate, Presbyterate and Bishop. 

In the United Independent Catholic Church, ordination is not limited to celibate men. We believe that God calls to the ministry who he wills and the church has to recognize that call. Men and women, no matter their state in life, are equally called to service in the Church.


In the United Independent Catholic Church, those who are ordained are not in a caste system. All of our clergy work at regular jobs and have families. They have the same cares and concerns that everyone else has.


If you feel called to orders and are willing to build a faith community, please contact Bishop Jerry Wood at

May God Bless you as you discern your call to Ministry.


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